Monday, 27 August 2012

Little things that make you smile.


Just a random incident that i thought of penning down.

As little kids, Baba (dad) always used to come to our room at night and tell us a story. Us siblings wouldnt sleep without it. It was a norm back then.

If he didnt tell a story, he'd come for a good night kiss. Weekends were always fun. Meant longer time, more fun.

One day Baba came, lying down, i had my head on one shoulder while my little sister & brother had their heads on the other, all snuggled in for a story. I'm the eldest, and i was 10 at that time. Baba started with his story, a desi zero watt bulb lit the dark room.

Baba was in his flow, telling a story when suddenly my little brother sat and screamed 'Baba Maut hai!' Baba was puzzled, so were we.

We didnt understand what was happening, mum was there too. Brother kept pointing around the room, and yelled 'Baba Maut hai!'

Baba thought, because he was a little kid, 7-8, he might be seeing something, after all, death (Maut) isnt a joke!

We all were baffled. those 5 minutes were pretty scary. My brother lisped a little too back then. Suddenly he pointed towards the light. 'MAUT'

Only then did we realise, he was shouting out 'Baba MOTH hai!. It was flying around the green light!

We all laughed our heads off! It's a day we remember till now! :'D

Baba bhi kahay, bachay ko maut kay farishtay nazar aarahay hai! Mujhay tou aqal nahi thi, pata nahi kay guzri hogi! 

Much Love,