Wednesday, 25 July 2012

When it hits you!


I shall share a story, what i experienced today, for me, words cant do justice to the emotions, here it goes.

Me and my little sister wandered on streets today collecting donations, if anyone had to give any that is. We whined, not very loudly, just amongst ourselves, how hot it was. I know it isn't as hot as around the globe, but for the UK it was a hot day after a very long time.

We saw a man with a push-chair walking down the street. We approached him, the way we always do, & waited there for him to take out change from his wallet.

We saw the little boy, around 4 years of age, sitting there eating his lollipop, but his face was all slimy with his saliva, we thought he was too little, but rather odd for a child of his age. So I asked the man, at the end, if the little boy wanted a balloon, as we had many to give out to little ones to help them enjoy Ramadan, for Dawah and organisation's awareness.

The man smiled at me, with a painful smile, and quickly looked away, saying, 'No, there's no need, he can't see....!'

My heart sank at that moment, I forgot how to take a step. The man moved away. I didn't know what to say. I had the balloon in my hand, it was like as if ,the world around me had stopped for that moment.

Only when something so major comes in front of us and hits us in our face, do we realise how privileged we are. Alhamdulillah.

That kid wasn't a kid we saw him to be. My heart still fills up with emotion. Wallahi, we're so arrogant, so nashukray, so ungrateful.

The point of sharing the whole story was, we bury different things in life, and find it better not to dig them out. Life is full of problems and hard realities. No matter how many times we scream it out loud, we'll never fully repay what we all have, the blessings. The problem is, we forget and don't try in the first place.  We forget, every day, how indebted we are as humans to Our creator, we take everything for granted.

May we all learn and practice what we feel and should do as Muslims, in the first place. May we learn to appreciate what we have, and be grateful to our Lord for all the blessings. Ameen.

The End.

Much Love,

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  1. That is a really overwhelming story....You are so right we are so nashukray just nagging and complaining about each and every thing. Alhumdulilah for everything :)