Thursday, 19 September 2013

Diy Phone Covers.


So i got a lot more reponse than i expected about the phone cases. I am so totally overwhelmed. The best part about it is anybody can make it at home. It is just SO easy.

I looked around for covers for a while, and being me, i like to change my covers every now and then. I've been wanting a good phone cover for quite some time now, i've been shopping around the web and searching for covers related to Pakistan or to Cricket and it's rare to find any and if i have they are either too tacky or too expensive, so i decided to make one of my own.

Now this was literally just less than an hours work. The paints that i have ordered are yet to come and i just could not wait to get started so i sat down and got cracking. The internet is full of such posts and i don't think mine would be any different, but i hope it helps.

Thing's that you will need:

1) A clear phone case- You can use a plastic one or a gel/silicone one, i prefer gel as it gives it more protection and a neater finish.

2) A printed image to work with- Print an image that you like, or draw it, and just have it in a paper form.

3) A pair of scissors

4) A sharp knife (x-acto knife)

5) A pencil

Step by step guide:

Print out the image that you like, in this case I printed off an image that i drew not too long ago with Paper 53's app in the appstore and printed it out. You can draw on paper too, like the one i had on an orange piece of paper, i drew that truck to the size and colour i wanted.

Draw the outline of the case along the printed image, work around a bit to choose the best layout and then just draw it out. You might be able to get a template off of the internet too for your phone, but i was too excited to look for it.

Cut around the edges, and make sure you use a smaller pair of scissors or a sharper pair to work around the edges and the details. 

Place the image inside the case and outline the camera, flash and speaker slot. Take the image out and use either a sharp knife on a soft board to cut it out or either work your way carefully through with a pair of scissors. I worked the smaller pair as it helped me manouver easily inside the tiny slots.

Take your time with this step because i think this is the trickiest and you don't want to ruin after putting in so much effort.

After it's done, place it inside the clear case again.

And voila, you're done. Nice and easy.

You can work your way with different patterns, magazine cutouts, collages or anything really, anything that would look best at the back of your phone.
There are a million possibilities and you can then interchange the cases and have a new one everytime you feel like changing it.

Hopefully i'll be getting my paints in the mail soon and i'll let you all know how the other experiments go.

Much Love,


  1. Niceeee :D I sure will try this One day :P
    Keep doing good work Appiyaa.

  2. this is nice
    i also have s3 n em gonna try this :)

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